For Writers


Create Passes for your fans

Create unique limited edition digital passes for your fans. Holders of your digital pass can gain access to your community, which for starters, is an exclusive discord channel with you. Digital passes are built on the blockchain, so they are immutable and cannot be copied by other people.

Build your Community

Having digital passes helps you identify who your biggest fans are. Knowing who your superfans are lets you focus your energy on creating meaningful and genuine connections with them.

Having a strong community also gives you an opportunity to sharpen your skills as a writer. To know what worked with your fans and what didn’t.

Promote your Work

Digital passes empower your readers to participate actively in your community and also have a stake in whether your story does well. Focus on creating your best work and have fun building a community that is authentic to what you’re about. Your superfans will love the value you bring and the value of your digital passes will reflect that.

How you Earn

Digital passes help writers earn through community building outside of the story.

95% of sales proceeds from the digital passes go to the writer. Writers also earn royalties when passes are sold on online secondary markets.

Interested in creating digital collections for your story?

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