New World

A boy in his mid twenties lost his job due to underhanded means. He already knew the culprit was his ex...
31 sec read

Emperor’s Treasured Son

A story where a male is reincarnated in the world of lovely princess as the crown prince of Obelian Empire, what...
14 sec read
Axium Cover Art


XRenia stared at her mom in confusion. “Why are you showing me this n. .ow? Grandfather has finally found someone he...
49 sec read
Qirat Queen Cover

Qirat Queen

Once upon a time, A young 18 year old girl Aafiya kareema living in Magico splendor fairyland is gifted with an...
Farah Naaz
57 sec read

Being Undead

Laura Wall wasn’t a big believer in the existence of any form of life after death, even as a Medical Examiner....
21 sec read

Grandma Garnet

“Pause, tell me what happened again?” My face twists as my roommate, with a slight slug of blood oozing from his...
4 min read

Late Payment

I question her once more: “Wait, what do you mean you cursed me to be loved by all.” “Just that, from...
4 min read