The experience of reading a captivating story shouldn’t simply end on the last line. How often have we felt lost and empty when we finish a great story? What do we do when we need answers to burning questions about characters and plots or when we want to talk to someone like-minded about how the story could or should have evolved?


Writers Dorm is the new way for writers and readers to connect. Readers can now immerse themselves in a story completely and satisfy their attachment to that story through conversation, alternate plot endings, character building, fan art and everything else your imagination can conjure. We are the community that starts when a story ends.

The journey starts with owning a limited edition, digital pass of the story. This digital pass gives you access to the Writers Dorm, where you can interact with the Writer and the community of fans who enjoyed the story.

These unique digital passes cannot be replicated as they live on the blockchain and are therefore, fully and unequivocally owned by you and not us at Writers Dorm. This means that story communities can grow within the many upcoming and interesting community building features of Writers Dorm, and even outside of the purview of Writers Dorm.

See how you can start owning your very first digital pass! We can’t wait to see the communities that evolve and flourish from Writers Dorm.