Broken Hearts

“Hell Gabby I’m such a douche.”

“I know.” 

“I’m sorry.”

What defenses did she think of again? Were they even up in the first place? The dull pounding in her heart had better be the early stages of a heart attack. She moved then. Not to him, but away from the door. Seeing him in the flesh like something molded from her deepest desires and darkest fantasies, wearing a tapered black suit that practically worshipped his tall frame, an unbuttoned shirt that brought awareness to his hard chest and broad shoulders making her wonder how many buttons she had to open to see him in all his glory, she’d seen enough of him to compel her to not think. She was a healthy woman after all.

Gabrielle Lot or Gabby as she loved to be called was one of the leading names in the Fashion industry, but she didn’t do it in just one day she had to work and fight for it. Even if it meant disappointing her parent.

Everything was going on well for her, with the success of her business waxing stronger and her name getting acknowledgment from different spheres of the fashion and business world. It changed when she met the one who broke her heart, Tan.

Would she risk her heart being broken again or would she forget about the business proposition brought to her by Tan.

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