Qirat Queen

Once upon a time,

A young 18 year old girl Aafiya kareema living in Magico splendor fairyland is gifted with an utterly melodious voice.When she sings the verses of quran a qirat with her astounding melodious voice she makes castles of snow and breaks it.Her voice is so powerful that it echoes makes and breaks many things and castles.She possess this super power.

Her step sister Raziya is very jealous and envious of her sister Aafiya, she is one year younger to Aafiya but always tries her best to humiliate her sister in front of public exposing her mistakes.

She also sings Qirat but do not have talent and super powers like her sister. Aafiya was not only fairytale but also a talented fairy in the fairyland. What exactly happens that Aafiya suddenly changes and refuse to sing her hands and legs shakes and she do not want to face public.

Event organizers battled with her for money they put in to organize her concert. They force her to perform and she runs away and locks her self inside one cottage having a panic attack. Aafiya’s the queen of Qirat could not perform, her parents got fed-up of her behavior. And then one day they forcibly marry her with one street boy who was just passing by, they caught him from the streets and the Nikah ceremony performed Aafiya’s eyes was covered with tight cloth and she could not see anything.

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