XRenia stared at her mom in confusion. “Why are you showing me this n. .ow? Grandfather has finally found someone he wants me to marry hasn’t he? Who is he and what’s his name?”

The smile on her mother’s face faded and she strode over to the couch by the Terrace and sat down. “Come sit with me sweetie.”

XRenia sighed she knew this day would come eventually, her grandfather always said he was going to arrange her marriage no matter how adamantly her father told her he wouldn’t let him, she knew his father would have the final say. She moseyed on over to her mother and plopped down. Truth be told she didn’t expect it to be all that bad, her father was the greatest man to ever live and her grandfather the second. Both of them loved her like she was their prized jewel if they had finally agreed on a man, he must be one fine specimen of a human being.

Her mother put her arm around her. “Sweetie it pains me to tell you this but on your eighteenth birthday you’re going to be officially disowned and banished to the continent of Thaxium where you’ll need to start your own kingdom.”

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