View or sell your pass

The 2 icons on the top right of the buy section are the OpenSea icon (1) and the Polygonscan icon (2) respectively. Clicking on the OpenSea icon will bring you to OpenSea, the most popular secondary marketplace. Clicking on the Polygonscan icon will bring you to the Polygon block explorer where you can view the smart contract (Note: this tool provides a more technical look behind the scenes but is not necessary to proceed).

For those who would like to list their pass or buy another on the secondary market, OpenSea would be the place to go. If it is your first time on OpenSea, the site will prompt you to sign a transaction to initialize your account. Click on “Sign” and MetaMask will prompt you to sign the transaction.

Navigate to the top right-hand corner of the page, hover over the circular icon and select “Profile”. This will bring you to your profile page where you can view the pass that you just bought.

These are the bare minimum steps to get you started with in Web3. Opensea being the vast marketplace that it is offers a variety of services that are not covered in this guide. Feel free to explore on your own, or click here to see the guides on their platform.

If you find yourself stuck on any of the above steps, join our discord and ask for help here.

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