How to buy a pass

Now that you have MATIC in your wallet, you are ready to buy your first pass! Head over to your favorite story and scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you will find the mint section.

1. Click on the “Connect Wallet” button.

2. MetaMask will prompt you to connect to the site. Click “Next” and “Confirm”.

3. Once connected, make sure to double check that you are connected to the Polygon network. Once correctly connected the price of the pass and total available should appear, along with a field for you to input the number of passes you would like to mint.

4. Enter the number of passes you would like and click on “Buy”. MetaMask will prompt you to confirm the transaction. Click “Confirm”.

5. Once confirmed, the transaction will show up as “Pending” for a short period of time. Once it is complete, your MetaMask will display the completed transaction under the “Activity” tab.

View or sell your pass

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