Emotionless (Fusionfall fanfiction) — Chapter 1: My new home

A building seems to be on fire. Many people are screaming and running away from it. Luckily, the heroes of this world are trying their best to save as much people as possible. A boy who can turn in aliens, Three sisters with superpowers, A group of kids wearing advanced gear, and a giant blue robot. Among the chaos, A huge explosion takes the rest of the building.

4 hours later

News Broadcast: In the wake of a Dexlab fire. About one hundred persons are dead or missing; and about three hundred more are injured.

Knock Knock

The front door is opened.

?: Good evening, I’m detective Benson. We would regret to inform you that. Your mother was among those in the fire.

week later

A group of people is seen at a grave yard. A coffin is being lowered into the ground.

Noah? Noah? Noah!

Present day

Noah: I’m up.

Noah’s dad: Are you ready?

Noah face holds no emotion

Noah: Where are we moving to? You never really told me. Noah’s dad: It’s a small place off of Sector V. Your going to like it. Trust me.

Noah: I really don’t care honestly.

Noah’s dad: What about the friends you had here? You don’t care them.

Noah: No, I never had any to begin with.

The car is driving on a highway to a busy intersection. Noah looks around his surroundings and looks at different people. Noah is in a way envious of them. They seem to have more emotion than him. Noah brings his attention off of the cars and goes into his bag. He pulls put a stretch book filled with abstract drawings. Voids, darkness, and black holes. Noah’s dad pays no interest in his sons hobbies. He knows about Noah’s issue. His son is the text book definition of apathetic. He can’t change it or try anything else. His son is a lifeless statue. No smiling, no crying, no anger, no disgust, no fear. Waived of any emotions. Noah looks back outside and begins to draw something. A bluebird it seems like. Noah puts his stretch book away and pulls out his headphones and phone to play music.

Noah wakes up in a room with three persons beside him. One person is wearing a Pig mask, the one in front of his is wearing a snake mask, and the one of his other side is wearing a lion mask.

Noah: Who are you?

Pig mask: You don’t know us, but I remember you. I clearly do.

Snake mask: I don’t know you

Lion mask: Neither, do I.

The three animals disappear and Noah wakes up.

Noah’s dad: Where here, champ.

Noah wakes up out of his chair seat. Rubbing his eyes from dust and wiping the droll off his face. Noah opens the car door and grabs his things. Noah observes the house. A two story, has modern style and is in a sky bluish color.

Noah’s dad: Do you like it?

Noah: At least, it’s somewhere to live.

Noah’s dad: Optimistic. Come help me show the delivery guys were to put these things.

Noah and his father send hours putting their luggage away. They didn’t had too much work because the house was already fully furnished. After their work was finished, Noah went to his room with sleep being the only thing on his mind.

Noah’s dad: Rest up good son, you have school tomorrow!

Noah arrives to his bedroom, and throws himself onto the bed sleeping instantly.

Noah’s dad: I hope this place can get him some new friends at least. Make me a little more in touch with his emotions.

Next day

Noah walks downstairs in his blank expression again. He is fully dressed for school.

Noah’s dad is in the kitchen preparing his son’s breakfast and lunch.

Noah’s dad: Morning fella! I made your favorite pancake and waffles with bacon, eggs, and cheese.

Noah: Thanks dad.

Noah’s dad: Your welcome, Now hurry up we have to leave in thirty minutes.

Time skip

Noah is sitting inside his dad’s car outside of McClintock High School.

Noah: Isn’t this the school were the chickenpox outbreak happened?

Noah’s dad: That was years ago. They’ve changed now. Plus, it’s funded by the KND now. Don’t let that bother you too much. Go have fun, it’s your first day of eleven grade.

Noah steps out of his father’s car and enters the school guard. Alot of other students are walking past him. Noah looks up to get a glance of the school. Noah keeps his same blank expression.

Prefect: Your the new kid right?

Noah: Yes.

Prefect: Your in Mrs. Clare’s homeroom, Class D-8.

Noah: Thanks.

Noah walks past the prefect to enter the campus.

Prefect: That kid gives the creeps.

Noah enters the designated classroom he was assigned to. Mrs. Clare his new homeroom teacher is talking to the classroom. The class goes silent as Noah enters.

Mrs. Clare: Oh my looks like we have a new student. What’s your name?

Noah: Noah Thompson.

Mrs. Clare: You don’t talk much do you?

Noah keeps his blank expression throughout the whole exchange.

Mrs. Clare: Well, take a sit.

Noah goes to his new seat. Everyone in the classroom is already mumbling about him.

First Period: Religious Studies

Teacher: Okay Noah can you list all the names of the major arcana in order.

Noah: The magician, high priestess, empress, emperor, hierophant, lovers, chariot, strength, hermit, wheel of fortune, justice, hanged man, death, temperance, devil, tower, star, moon, sun, judgement, world, and the fool.

Teacher: Wow, your the first person to get that right.

Second Period: Math

Teacher: Can anyone answer 3x+5=-16. Noah why don’t you take a crack at it.

Noah: x=-7

Teacher: Correct.

Third Period: Biology

Teacher: What is the composition of oxygen in the air. Noah?

Noah: 21%

The classes went on and on. Noah stole the show in almost every class, yet he isn’t bothered by it, yet he doesn’t even seem bothered by it. Noah opens his locker and puts his books inside. Out the corner of his eye, he is approached by someone.

Random Student: You sure are smart Noah.

Noah closes his locker to come face to face with a nerd. Noah walks in a completely different direction not giving the boy a single ounce of attention.

Nerd: Don’t be like that man. Names carl.

Noah: Well, Carl. I’ll think about it.

Carl: About what?

Noah: You came over here to ask if we could be friends right.

Carl: Yeah but why did you say it like that?

Noah: My ride’s here.

Noah leaves the boy to himself, and enters his dad’s car.

Noah’s dad: So how was school?

Noah: Same as always

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