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Writers Dorm connects you with your readers through limited edition digital passes that grant them exclusive access to your Discord channel. Identifying and connecting with your biggest fans lets you focus on bringing value to them while they support you and promote your stories.

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Building a community can start with just chatting about characters and plot, allowing your fans to proof-read your drafts, or hosting small writing workshops. You ultimately decide on what your community revolves around.

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Digital passes can be bought and sold on OpenSea. As your stories grow in popularity and your community expands, new superfans who missed out on the initial launch of your digital passes can buy them from existing holders. This gives your fans a stake in wanting your community and your story to do well.

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The Greatest Father

Fathers are complicated. Indian fathers a lot more. In my house the form of showing love was different. Your cliche special father’s day...
Anurag Nair Upadhyay
2 min read

Grandma Garnet

4 min read

Late Payment

4 min read

The Rock People

2 min read

Star Wolf: Ascension

Hugh Blackman
2 min read

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Crypto Is Easy

I publish the Crypto Is Easy newsletter and contribute to Hacker Noon, Luckbox, Cryptowriter, CCN, Bitcoin Magazine, Coinmonks, The Startup, Blockchain News, Data-Driven Investor, The Capital, and several...
Mark Helfman
34 sec read

Femme Fatale

Turns out, I wasn’t the only dame in Gotham looking for emancipation. A Birds of Prey X Reader. Join us on...
9 sec read

Mafia’s Missing Murderer

Luciana Roman was blamed for her mother’s death at the age of four by her family. She was called a murderer...
24 sec read

New World

A boy in his mid twenties lost his job due to underhanded means. He already knew the culprit was his ex...
31 sec read

Emperor’s Treasured Son

A story where a male is reincarnated in the world of lovely princess as the crown prince of Obelian Empire, what...
14 sec read

FIU Family

Florida International University – home of the fighting panthers and some of the most dominant jocks the USA has to offer....
24 sec read

Broken Hearts

“Hell Gabby I’m such a douche.” “I know.”  “I’m sorry.” What defenses did she think of again? Were they even up...
55 sec read
Axium Cover Art


XRenia stared at her mom in confusion. “Why are you showing me this n. .ow? Grandfather has finally found someone he...
49 sec read
Lord of Flames Cover Art

Lord of Flames

The heir was born a weakling and so was detested by his father who wanted him gone. His mother took him...
24 sec read
Qirat Queen Cover

Qirat Queen

Once upon a time, A young 18 year old girl Aafiya kareema living in Magico splendor fairyland is gifted with an...
Farah Naaz
57 sec read